I got really excited about an exhibition I attended this evening  at the Horizons Art Gallery here in Trinidad.

The work by Artist Shawn Peters was very inspiring especially with regards to my research in non-verbal communication and language.

Peters carves shapes into planks of wood and paints and inscribes hieroglyphic-type writings and images. He also incorporates other materials like thread, nails, and feathers to add context as seen below. The result is somewhat of an ancient tribal approach.

Here is a sample of his work…

2013-10-09 16.34.39extract

The Broken Dream Catcher with detail showing inscriptions

2013-10-09 16.36.29

Do I Look Worried

2013-10-09 16.35.34 2013-10-09 16.36.552013-10-09 16.35.41


I went to the artist’s Art Ideas board on Pinterest and found that much of his inspiration came from works of architectural and structural themes, weaving, sculpture, abstract forms and glyphs.

Local Similarities

His work reminds me of the Abstract Expressionism Art of local artists Carlise Chang (deceased), Master Artist Leroy Clarke and artist Willi Chen.

willi chen

Solar Marinorama 1983 | Willi Chen (b.1934) | 14’0″x64’0″ | Steel, copper, brass and acrylic enamel



The Inherent Nobility of Man by Carlisle Chang. Detail 1962 – See more at: http://arcthemagazine.com/arc/2012/08/nation-and-society-in-trinidad-and-tobago-art/#sthash.8AIzpwbt.dpuf

Dust 2 pg 5

The painting Weavers of the Dust by master artist LeRoy Clarke done in the 1970’s



One thought on “Exhibition

  1. Very well observed and expressed Donna. I am also impressed by your level of research into what informs much of what I do.

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