Asemic Writing study update

So while researching more on Asemic Writing I took a look at the movement’s Facebook page ( and wrote a note asking anyone for assistance in locating or pointing to academic writing on the subject.

Michael Jacobson, one of the main authors on asemic writing responded to my request and forwarded me Tim Gaze’s email for more information on the subject.

Tim Gaze is the publisher of Asemic Magazine ( )which is dedicated to asemic writing. He also edited a book with Michael Jacobson called An Anthology of Asemic Writing.

He also has a small press called asemic editions editions which is devoted to publishing works of asemic writing, abstract comics, Lettrisme & similar. It is based in South Australia.

So I wrote to Tim Gaze and to my great joy he wrote me back with a trove of information on asemic writing including the names of some notable practitioners and texts on the subject.

This is a great start to this project and it is a lot to process but I am really excited and can’t wait to see where all this carries me.


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