Visual Exploration of the Shoulder-Shrug

Another aspect of body language considered to be universal is the shoulder-shrug. It is usually used to indicate a listener does not understand what a speaker is saying.

According to the Centre for Non-Verbal Studies, the shoulder-shrug is a gesture that lifts, raises, or flexes-forward one or both shoulders in response: a. to another person’s statement, question, or physical presence; or b. to one’s own inner thoughts, feelings, and moods. It is also a universal sign of resignation, uncertainty, and submissiveness.

Below are some sketches I did that seem to resemble the shoulder-shrug in a reductionist form – The outcomes are lines and shapes.

2013-11-21 20.27.41

2013-11-21 20.27.41

2013-11-21 20.29.32

2013-11-21 20.30.31

2013-11-21 20.28.47

2013-11-21 20.31.09


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